th (13)

This is the holy time of year when the Jewish people keep the holiday known as Passover.


For Christians this is also a holy time of year as we celebrate Christ’s death on the cross and His resurrection.

The Passover Feast is called the Paschal Feast. It is the time when the Jewish people remember their great deliverance from death and an evil Pharoah. What a  strange an miraculous event this was in the history of the Jewish people.

After God had exhausted all other resources to cause the Pharoah to let God’s people go out from a life of slavery into a new land to which He was calling them; the final and most terrifying plague arrives. God will send death upon all the first born in the land of Egypt. The only way to escape this doom was to apply the blood of a spotless and perfect lamb to the door posts of the house. Being so warned by Moses; the Jewish people quickly went about obeying this command. After the lamb was slain and the blood applied the people were told to eat , roasted with fire, the flesh of the lamb that night, along with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. As they feasted upon this meal, they were to be clothed for a quick departure because God was about to lead them out of Egypt.



Our hymn today combines the two feasts above. The Paschal feast, and The Last Supper or Communion, with the third and final feast that believers are looking forward to with great anticipation, The Wedding Feast of the Lamb. In fact this whole holy time of year is not just a looking back at what has been done but a looking forward to that day when we shall abide in His presence forever more.

“Praise the Lord! For the Lord our God, the Almighty reigns. Let us be glad and rejoice, and let us give honor to him. For the time has come for the wedding feast of the Lamb, and his bride has prepared herself(The Church) Revelation 19:7



Praise to our victorious KING,

Who hath washed in the tide

Flowing from His pierced side;

Praise we Him, whose love divine

Gives His sacred blood for wine,

Gives His body for the feast,

Christ the victim, Christ the priest.

christian animated powerpoint backgrounds

Where the Paschal blood is poured,

Death’s dark angel sheaths his sword;

Israel hosts triumphant go

Through the wave that drowns the foe.

Praise we Christ whose blood was shed,

Paschal victim, Paschal bread;

With sincerity and love

Eat we manna from above.


Mighty Victim from the sky,

Hell’s fierce powers beneath Thee lie;


Thou hast conquered in the fight,

Thou hast brought us life and light;

Now no more can death appall,

Now no more the grave enthrall


Thou hast opened paradise,

And in Thee Thy saints shall rise.


Paschal Triumph! Paschal joy!

Sin alone can this destroy;

From sin’s power do Thou set free,

Souls new-born, O Lord, in Thee,

Hymns of glory, songs of praise,

Father unto Thee we raise;

Risen Lord, All praise to Thee

With the Spirit ever be.

Latin hymn–translated by Robert Campbell1814-1868


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